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Title: The World Sports Game – A Celebration of Sportsmanship and Friendly Competition The World Sports Game, also known as the World Games, is an international multi-sport event that takes place every four years, featuring disciplines that are not part of the Olympics. The event consists of a variety of sports, including Lacrosse, Roller skating, Karate, Tug of war, and many more. The World Games 2022 will be hosted by Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States, from July 7th to July 17th.

The World Sports Game was first organized in 1981 and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the event for “non-Olympic sports.” This event is a platform for sports that don’t have a place in the Olympic program, providing athletes with the opportunity to represent their countries and compete at the highest level. It’s a celebration of sportsmanship, friendly competition, and the power of sports to bring people together.

The World Games have grown in size and importance since its inception. In the first edition of the event, only 16 sports were represented, Malta News Time but today, there are around 30 different sports in the competition. The games have also become more competitive, with over 100 countries participating in the most recent games.

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