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By modifying the forks and layering them, it created a pattern that reflected the flapper dress. Concept: The design of the dress was inspired by the 1920’s, in which women wore flapper dresses. Concept: This design aims to construct a composition in which masculinity and femininity are at odds but come to form in a cohesive piece that blends together to form an androgynous look. But aside from the popular ice hockey, there are variations to this sport which don’t require wintertime weather or equipment. James Naismith holds the credit for inventing basketball as an indoor sport during wintertime. Diving might be swimming-related, too, but it’s considered a different sport altogether. Hitters use a bat while catchers use a mitt in which sport? What sport makes you shoot through them? 【Kids Duffle bag with Luggage Sleeve】That kids travel bag allows you to slide it over the standard handle of a rolling suitcase or luggage, make your flight or travel more easy and convenient.And One zippered pocket on the back to hold your smart phone, cards or passport.

In September, people can install the Wendy’s app, order another item, and get one free sandwich per day with their meal. Soft and cozy, she’ll be anxious to slip these on after a busy day walking down the aisle and tearing it up on the dance floor! Includes Valentine’s Day stickers for you. But think about including a good variety of high protein options in with your snacks during the day, and then be sure to replenish stores with a meal that includes proteins. Check Facebook marketplace for linens (past brides are often selling in bundles) and thrift stores for vases or jars. A mix of cardio and strength: If you are feeling really ambitious, try a last three minute session combining these two work outs with punching bags. Q: Where can I find dance bags for girls? I’ve used the bag for two full dance seasons now with no complaints. The notebooks were full of sketches, interspersed with shopping lists, and incomplete logs from earlier sailing trips we’d done.

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Open stalls of baskets full of nuts, dates, beans, veggies — you name it — buzzing with bees on the sugar stuff, flies elsewhere. Concept: Xyla, the name of our piece, was derived from “Xylem”, a component of plants that allows them to conduct water and mineral salts from the roots to all other parts, providing mechanical support for the plant. Concept: An explosive combination of recycled materials, theatrical presentation, and 16th Century style is what this dress brings to the table! Repetition of the modules is used in order to bring awareness to the outfit’s recycled nature in a polished and sophisticated manner. The way this is embodied is through the use of materials that have been derived from that very nature. Concept: The outfit represents nature. In fact we love this “physiology dance” with our patient’s, and we believe that this “dance” represents the highest form of advanced medical care in general, and far-and-away the best possible results in aesthetic medicine.

They’re the best goddamn dancers in the American Ballet Academy. American kids grew up collecting baseball cards pictured with their favorite popular baseball superstars plus their accompanying career stats. To distinguish specific sports played in different regions of the world, people call North American football “gridiron football” sometimes because of the field design. Concept: dance bags for girls Our design celebrates its material by treating each material unit as a module. Concept: Our “Street Style” outfit is based on unconventional industrial materials that have reached the end of their life expectancy or have become obsolete in today’s modern world. The materials used for this garment are old calendars, used umbrella plastic bags from the school’s campus, a used clear plastic raincoat, scrap materials from studio, and a broken pair of sunglasses. We were inspired by the contrast between masculinity and femininity in our two main materials – creating a structural armor-like effect that is softened by the flowing elements. Concept: We acquired our main use of material, recycled inner tube, from the FIU Bike Shop. Concept: My first thought went to plastic bottles, due to the amount of them found in Landfills and the lengthy time it takes for them to degrade. As he stared at the highway, thinking of the cars, thinking of the trees, she also thought.

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